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Jahmaize Bey




Let me begin, by saying welcome, and thank you, I do appreciate your inquisitiveness.  When it comes to photography I'm a photographer by heart, mind, body and soul, I truly love what I do. There’s honestly nothing that's so fulfilling to me then to create and propel memorable moments. Since childhood I have always been fascinated by the art of still and motion pictures. I give the credit to my mother, who was a seamstress and an amateur model; she also loved photography, and would have me snap pictures of her, her friends and my father. My mother loved taking pictures, she had a collection of cameras that were readily available, from Kodak’s to Polaroid's, I just became a kid in a candy store.



Moving forward, I was born and raised in Brooklyn N.Y where I obtained my Associates in Broadcasting and Journalism at Kingsborough Community College. Since graduating I've worked and co-produced two shows on B-Cat (Brooklyn Cable access Television) I've worked with several upcoming and present fashion designers. I had the opportunity to do Red Carpet's, Collegiate Graduations, NFL Networking and Borough Community Events. Currently, I'm the Visual and Media Director for Elevated Expectations a non for profit organization that helps innercity children prevent and defeat obesity through conscious eating and a wide range of fun in and outdoor sporting activities. I'm the founder of Cadapolt Images, which I'm very proud and excited about. Our main focus are Fashion, Weddings and Media Development! 





 "Propelling Moments And Making Memories".

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