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Bieber All Grown Now!!

Yes, Justin Bieber is taking the fashion world by storm with his CK campaign and I am not at all surprised by the young badboy popstar.There has been talks about why Bieber was hitting the gym so hard now we can see just why. Bieber is displaying some well photoshopped enhanced abs and a man bulge that will have his fans hanging his I mean picture right above there headboards..haa He is now the new face of Clavin Kein and in the company of A list Celebrities from Mark Wahlberg, Kellan Lutz, Djimon Hounsou, Brandon Stoughton, Fredrik Ljungberg to name a few that blessed CK with there sex appeal.

This campaign really can't do no wrong for Justin image who is said to be putting together a 2015 tour and preparing to release his new album this year everything is looking real bright for Bieber, we can only expect to see him in movies next.

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