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Who Needs Photographers?

For the last 5 years or so, photography has seem to be exploding; Everyone from grandma's to babies are taking pictures and its not with a traditional camera, there are now equipped with camera phones. Camera phones has now become the new go to camera when you can't afford a professional camera or a professional photographer. I'm totally not knocking the new wave of photography because we do have some dope Iphone photographers out there, but because of the addition of the camera to phones, photographers I feel are losing business.

The professional photographer has lost alot of follwers so to speak since of the introduction of the camera phone. Phone users are now using there phones to document family and social events, where as before you would hire a professional photographer or use a diposable camera (we do rememeber diposable cameras right) Now we have these so called amateur cell phone photographers taking pictures, and thinking there the best thing since slice bread. I have been in numerious situation where I was hired for an event and one of these camera phone jockeys would just interfer with my shot; either there would jump in the shot after I was done setting the scene or they're telling me what angle I should use. Real talk, I tell them, man go sit your ass down and go take some dam selfies, I got this! Seriously though, with all the PicsArt,Photoeditor,AutodeskPixlr and Color Effect Photo Editor apps these camera phone jockeys really believe that they are professional photographers because they can now edit there work. There are professionals that went to school for this profession that are pretty darn awesome and talented in there craft. So for all you camera phone Jockeys stay out of our way or get photoshopped!

I do want to add, this wasn't a bash on any app that can enhance pictures, I use picture enhanced apps as well, they do have their benefits. When I'm posting on Instagram or facebook and I need a quick simple edit and I'm not near my computer I touch up on PicsArt, its a dope app. Now that I think about it, I have a problem with technology too, why do they keep on enhancing the dam pixelation of these goddam phones, your also hurting our

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