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J. Cole Forrest Hill Drive

I'm extremely pleased, and hiphop satistisfied about J. cole's Forrest Hill Drive album. I have to say off the back, that if this was the Source I would be giving Forrest Hills Drive 5 mics. This album is classic and speaks volumes for J and his ranking amongst the Hiphop elite, I'm saying this as a new J. Cole's fan. Oh yes I said it, fan, I know we have our critics and naysayers but J is right up there with kendrick Lamar, Drake and Kanye. I've been starving for real hiphop for years the art has got so commercialized that everything sounds the same, no Originality, no Metaphoric similes no Creativity and no Vulnerablilty. As an HipHop connoisseur I look for those 4 elements to engage my mind and spirit, and as a photographer I use Hiphop music to keep me focus when I'm shooting or editing my work.

Just throwing out a few songs that I've grown to love are, 03 Adolescence, Wet Dreamz these 2 tracks made alot of childhood memories reresonate with in me. I could go off and tell you about the first time, I had my first time; and about a chick I was after in High school who played me for the star basketball shooting guard. (BTW) I just want let you know, that star shooting guard is now a crackhead just saw him the other day I know I, but to name a few more from J's classic album, No Role Modelz, Love yourz, St.Tropez and G.O.M.D. are also my fav's thats why this album is on constent rotation.

So with that said, I have to say to all my real heavy HipHop fans that this album is definately worth the buy an Mr. Coles's delievers a brand of rejuvenated HipHop and I can't wait to hear from him again.


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